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What legitimate systems nowadays insist on providing is speed. Orion Code is no different. It is a system for online trades and its owner Edward Robinson just introduced it to the binary industry. The claim it makes is that it is faster than the competition and offers great profitability. I undertook an investigation to see if this is true at all or if OrionCode is just a scam. My review below can provide you with details on both the system and its owners, and also with an advice should you trust it or not. Keep reading.

System Name: Orion Code

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CEO & Creator: Edward Robinson

Price: Free

Minimum Deposit: $250*

*This is not a payment, it is initial accepted capital to begin trading.


Edward Robinson‘s Orion Code App

Edward Robinson is a former High Frequency trader with years of experience in the field. After gathering a team of developers and professional programmers, he embarked on a journey to create what we see today as the Orion Code.

Review Verdict: Orion Code Is NOT a Scam!

Visit Orion Code Official Website

Mr. Robinson also established the Orion Code Inc. company so that he can give all the support required by his product and its clients. He works with international clients and provides valuable information on his software to all interested parties. During my investigation, I found evidence that the Orion Code automated trading system is the object of corporate appetites, as well.

Orion Code & How It Works

This is the Orion Code 8.0. It is a fully automated trading robot. The software utilizes super-speed and lightning fast execution in accordance to the patented Orion Speed technology.

Interesting Fact:

D-Wave Systems made the first demonstration of the Orion Speed quantum technology and of a quantum computer – a Canadian company, the first company to offer quantum computer technology. It is where the inspiration for the Orion Code comes from.

OrionCode has been tried and tested by a wave of 350 traders. After a careful analysis of their results, it can be safely concluded that the software can truly generate significant and stable profits. The software exhibits a stable success ratio of around 87%. It has an advantage when we talk about speed of trade execution. I have personally joined the software and can confirm it has a very promising outlook.

Start to Benefit From OrionCode?

The short answer is Yes. Orion Code system is available for free for a new wave of clients.

There is only catch – just 20 people can register each day. The developers of the binary trading software are increasing the capacity of the Orion Code. This can be done properly only on stages. That is why, licenses per day are limited.

Review Verdict: Orion Code Is NOT a Scam!

Visit Orion Code Official Website

On the other hand, if you manage to gain access, you will receive a lifetime free-license to use the OrionCode app. Even if the software is purchased by a big corporation or the company – listed publicly. In order to do that, you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign Up For a Free License – Orion Code requires no payments or fees, anyone can get a license to trade with it for free.
  2. Deposit Capital – you will be connected to a reliable broker. It will accept a minimum initial deposit of $250. You do not pay to the broker, those are funds which are going to be used for trading. You become eligible to receive a matching welcoming bonus.
  3. Activate OrionCode – the software runs on complete autopilot and will place trades on your behalf once you set a risk level and investment per trade.


Orion Code & Quality Services

The trading robot is entirely web-based. Its interface is light so that it runs smoothly in your browser without overloading it. You can trade using Orion Code on every operating system and you can also access it on your mobile device.

Review Verdict: Orion Code Is NOT a Scam!

Visit Orion Code Official Website

Another great thing about this new binary trading software is the fact that support is available constantly. You can reach them via e-mail or though the live-chat, also available to people who are not yet clients of OrionCode. You can gather additional information on the system’s capabilities, before investing with it.



My honest opinion of the Orion Code is that this is a very well created system. It has beneficial capabilities and is extremely user-friendly. The customer service provided by the OrionCode team can be of great help to anyone who wants to join it. You can access and trade with it from all over the world and you will be able to profit even the same day, if you manage to get one of the 20 free licenses available per day.

Review Verdict: Orion Code Is NOT a Scam!

Visit Orion Code Official Website

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