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Authentic Traders Buddy Review – Is It A Scam?

Traders Buddy Review

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Features of Traders Buddy Software

Basically, Traders Buddy is a set of trading tools which is designed to help all investors make money off the market. These tools were also designed to help you net profits on a consistent basis without exposing too much of your bankroll to risks which you wouldn’t be able to swallow. It is for this reason that this Traders Buddy software is equipped with a number of unique features which are hard to find elsewhere. Let’s review some of them to see whether or not they can be helpful.

(a) Peer-to-peer trading network

Social trading is the hallmark of Traders Buddy scam free signals. However, you ought to know that social trading was not included in this app just for the sake of it. It was included so that professionals may be involved in helping you make the right trading decision based on their action.

You see, Traders Buddy system has a unique voting system which is an exclusive feature used by professionals only. This voting system highlights the aggregate percentage of professional traders who are choosing a particular asset and the direction in which it will take. This way, you can’t go wrong even if you are a newbie because your job would be to follow their sentiments.

The integrity of this voting system is highly protected to ensure that only trading pros who have demonstrated an excellent ability to analyze the market are able to cast their votes. Consequently, any Traders Buddy app user who chooses to use this feature will record a significant boost in profits realized overtime.

(b) Semi-automatic/fully automatic robot

Semi automatic trading is ideal for people who want to have hands on trading experience with the Traders Buddy system. Also, if you have plenty of time to dedicate to trading, you can utilize this feature to your advantage.

On the other hand, automatic trading is for traders who rarely have time to commit to their trading activities. Basically, people who choose semi-automatic trading will receive signals alerting them of any upcoming trend that is bound to appear on the charts. This way, they can log into their account to trade them before it’s too late. Still, these signals are highly accurate, and can be implemented in automatic trading. So choose whether you want to manually or automatically implement the signals. Our Traders Buddy review found these semi and automatic tradings are really profitable.

Traders Buddy Software

(c) Multiple trading options of Traders Buddy App

The first feature that helps you manage your capital is the stop loss feature. Designers of Traders Buddy scam free system have incorporated this feature to help you specify the amount of money that you’re willing to ‘’comfortably’’ lose in a day just in case things go haywire. This way, you won’t blow your account overnight since you trade with predetermined risk levels.

What is more, Traders Buddy software allows users to set their daily budget or the amount which they are willing to invest cumulatively in the trades that shall run in any particular day. For example, if you say that you are not willing to put in more than $300, you should specify that amount in the budget box so that the money invested will not exceed $300 whether you profit or lose.

Finally, the individual trade amounts can be adjusted upwards or downwards according to your liking. Again, this is purely money management.

(d) Short, medium, and long term trading available

The shortest trades expire in 120 seconds. This option of Traders Buddy app is ideal for people who want fast turnarounds. Medium options expire in 4 hours. This is ideal for trend traders who are concerned with establishing trends of the day to align their decisions accordingly. Finally, trades can expire in 3 days as well. This is the longest term you can hold a position for. Conservatives go for this option because it gives them free time to commit to other things. The 3 options have been named Rush Options, Basers, and Investo respectively.

(e) Traders Buddy system has a great education center

Everyone needs to update their knowledge in trading to keep an edge in the market. Traders Buddy website has an education center where all traders can access learning tutorials for their own benefit.

(f) Pending orders

This feature of the Traders Buddy software helps users place orders that only become active when certain price levels have been met. This is the first binary options software to feature Pending orders functionality.

Best Advantages of Traders Buddy Reviewed 

You get 24/7 customer support. That’s right if you are a member. In addition to this, all members and non-members can chat directly with customer support on the website of the Traders Buddy app.

Secondly, Traders Buddy software is 100% free while similar software that operate based on its model can charge up to $200 per month, yet they never deliver any tangible results. So take advantage of that free offer and sign up as a beta tester.

Traders Buddy

Thirdly, this Traders Buddy robot only connects with trustworthy, licensed, and reliable brokers. 24 Options is one of them. Traders Buddy software gives the opportunity to work with multiple brokers on their platform so that you’re spoilt for choice.

Finally, Traders Buddy program has a smooth, easy-to-navigate platform which does not require downloading. You don’t have to fumble around when using the software. No downloading and updating software in the future as well.

Is Traders Buddy Software a Scam?

Traders Buddy scam free app uses a professional website to promote its product. Scams are generally fly-by-night schemes, and they never see the need to invest in professional-looking websites. Moreover, all brokers that link to this software are licensed and trustworthy. They are licensed under CySEC regulations, and would not, under any circumstances, work with scams. Reason being, they must safeguard their reputation which is so crucial in making sure that their license numbers are not revoked.

So if you are a scam like Quantum Code or Orion Code, you will automatically get rejected by these brokers. Finally, the designers of Traders Buddy review signals don’t make use of hype or false promises when promoting this product. They are very straight-forward when it comes to explaining what the product does and how you might benefit. Please note that the owner of Traders Buddy program is very clear on this. Read the fine print below the official website and you will see that this product is not suitable for all investors.

Traders Buddy Scam

Pricing – How to Join Traders Buddy System?

Our Traders Buddy review finds that while it is very rare to find such nice robots being distributed free of charge, the reason why the owner is giving it away for free is because the product is still in the beta testing stage. Once the study is complete and the profitability of this software is proven a second and third time (that is, after they have secured 500 beta testers), Traders Buddy app will probably go into the market with a premium price tag.

As of now, you only need to sign up at Locate the ‘’open free account’’ link on the navigation menu and go ahead to fill in your name and contact information. Click the green bar which says ‘’open free account’’. You will then be directed to the list of trusted brokers which this Traders Buddy software can be linked to. That way, you can choose your preferred broker. The standard minimum investment for these brokers is $250. You can choose to invest more if you like. You should click below to get a free account now.

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